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Technical Talk on ASTM Standard for Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat (GCCM)

Date: 21 January 2022 (Friday)

Time: 9:00am– 12:30pm

Mode: Online

Venue: Zoom Webinar

Speaker: Michael Chong

CPD Hours: 3

Ref. No.: IEM21/SWAK/506/T(W)

Event synopsis:

Payment disputes in the construction industry have become a common problem in Malaysia and in most countries, especially 
in developing countries. About 50% of Malaysia construction projects experience Under Payment, Late Payment and/or Non-
Payment issues which causes complication to the projects to the extent that some of the projects are abandoned wherein 
innocent third-party purchasers become victims of delayed and abandoned projects. 
One of the main elements for the complication is the client’s inadequate finance or main contractor’s poor cash flows for the 
project.  The  amount  of  money  involved  in  construction  industry  is  enormous  and  when  payments  from  the  clients  are 
delayed, most of the contractors/sub-contractor would not be able to bear the heavy day to day construction expenses by 
themselves  which  includes  the  cost  of  material,  labour  and  other  necessary  day  to  day  expenses.  The  issue  of  payment 
dispute would eventually result in time over-run, cost over-run and total abandonment of the project. 
Therefore, the construction payment dispute requires to be dealt with at worst, a cheaper, quicker, simpler, legal binding and 
enforceable  resolution  enabled  by  an  adjudication  proceeding,  which  is  what  The  Construction  Industry  Payment  and 
Adjudication Act (CIPAA) has specially drafted to resolve the issues with provisions such as PROHIBITION of Conditional 
Payment, to STREAMLINE payment procedures and provide REMEDIES for the recovery of payment. 
The Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act (CIPAA) 2012 has come into operation with effect since 15 April 
2014.  The talk will cover the definition and key features of CIPAA, construction culture and payment risks, as well as the 
adjudication process under CIPAA.  In addition, identification of construction payment problems, their impact and resolution 
and how to conduct payment recovery through CIPAA proceeding will also be discussed during the talk. 

Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats (GCCM) is a revolutionary new class of construction materials for various civil engineering applications. It has gained popularity worldwide including Malaysia. Many slope erosion control projects are using GCCM as one of the quick and easy solutions.

Seeing the fast-growing use GCCM, there is a need to have a proper standard specification to help engineers understand its properties and behaviours. For example, there is no direct compression strength test on GCCM. Taking direct concrete cube test without considering watercement ratio will lead to misinterpreting of GCCM properties.

Fortunately, ASTM committee have published six ASTM standards for various tests. This talk will cover in-depth understanding of these ASTM Standards as well as quick introduction and application of GCCM.

IEM Member: RM 40.00 per pax
Non-IEM Member: RM 80.00 per pax


All registration fees must be FULLY paid before commencement of this activity. Government agencies and Statutory Bodies are required to provide Local Orders. IEM Sarawak Branch reserves the rights to refuse participation of registrant(s) who have not paid their registration fees to attend this activity. THIS REQUIREMENT WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.
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When: 21 Jan 2022
Where: Zoom Webinar